Pawan Kalyan is Missing?

By - December 07, 2015 - 11:31 AM IST

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The ongoing tension and devastation done by floods in Tamil Nadu and most importantly Chennai shook not only the local folks but also all over the World. International media is actively covering this event and analyzing the possible scientific reasons for the damage. Meanwhile, many celebrities from various facets of professions are independently coming forward to help the people who lost their homes, and providing them with ample food, shelter and care.

While it was the lover boy Siddarth who was the first to react to this shocking phenomenon, many celebrities such as Allu Arjun, Rajnikanth, Dhanush,Vishal, Suriya Lawrence, Sampoornesh Babu and so on actively donated funds. Our Tollywood has strong connections with Chennai and they opened a special hashtag #ManaMadrasKosam and collecting relief material from Hyderabad.
But, everybody is wondering why Powerstar Pawan Kalyan is not reacting to this devastation. The main reason for the shock is because Pawan Kalyan always stays in the front race to help troubled people and first to react any wrong happenings from the Government. While Kamal Hassan openly criticized the government’s lack of seriousness in helping the situation, people are waiting to see Pawan Kalyan do the same.
However, Pawan neither declared any donation amount nor given a statement regarding the issue. We will have to wait and see what made him go into this silent cave at a moment of urgency!

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