Tollywood Should See Beyond Chennai

By - December 07, 2015 - 08:53 PM IST

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There is a need for all of us to hail the Tollywood circuit not just for the entertainment they provide us but also for the help they offer in times of difficulty. Currently, many members of Tollywood are doing their best to provide help in all forms to the victims of the floods in Chennai.

While that is a great gesture, some of the social work organizations based in Tamil Nadu are also drawing attention of Tollywood to another point. They are requesting Tollywood to see beyond Chennai because the capital city is getting the maximum attention whereas the other areas are not.

Even the northern parts of Tamil Nadu are also damaged heavily by floods and people in villages and towns are in dire need of help. Now that the word is out, it is better some awareness initiative is done on social media and we are certain that the Tollywood industry will reach there to make things better.

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