Film Industry Is Just Employment Generation

By - December 08, 2015 - 04:10 PM IST

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For those who are part of the film fraternity and those who are fond of watching movies, cinema is nothing less than a mother. They have utmost attachment and respect for this craft. Though the industry is growing with each passing day, its commercials are not that great.

As such, there is not much revenue that gets generated for the government but the bigger picture is, nearly thirty thousand people get employment out of this. We are talking about just Tollywood alone. On the other hand, it also builds the brand quotient of the state in a very big way.

Hence, the Telangana government is very keen on this industry and not letting it go anywhere. Post bifurcation, there has been a strong talk that Tollywood biggies are eyeing Vizag for shifting but it appears that the Telangana government is keen on not letting this fraternity go.

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