Dilip Kumar follows Superstar!

By - December 09, 2015 - 12:06 PM IST

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Bollywood’s romantic hero Dilip Kumar is best known for his subtle expressions, great performances on the screen right from his yesteryear Devdas days. Shah Rukh Khan himself drew inspiration from this talented star in improving acting skills but now, Dilip Kumar seems to be inspired from Kollywood’s Superstar Rajnikanth!

If you might be wondering whether Dilip Kumar would be starring in a film which has Rajni kind of histrionics then it would be a mistake! The veteran actor sought inspiration from Rajni regarding the decision Superstar took to call off his birthday celebrations this year. The main reason for calling off birthday celebrations is because of the ongoing tragedy of Chennai floods.

While Rajni will be hitting 65 year on 12th December, Dilip Kumar will be 92 years old on 11th December. The actor tweeted saying he has called off all the birthday celebration this time because he is sad about the loss of lives in Chennai floods!

We will have to see how many more actors follow this meaningful trend set by Rajni!

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