Anjali In Anushka's Chair Now

By - December 10, 2015 - 05:26 PM IST

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The general impression most of us would have about heroines is they are meant for filling the glamour quotient and justify the romantic track. But in the last few years, few heroines have broken those barriers and created a separate market for themselves through their glamour and performance.

The best example for that is the awesome beauty Anushka and today she is in a position to do movies without a male protagonist. While Anushka is riding high, there is also a talk that her successor is also on the line. She is none other than the seductive eyed beauty Anjali.

Since the time of her debut in Tollywood, Anjali has been rocking ahead. She did a special important role in the recent release Sankarabharanam and scored the brownie points. She is also the heroine in the prestigious movie Dictator. The way things are going, slowly she might take place of Anushka.

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