'Sankarabharanam' Cocktail Party On Cards

By - December 10, 2015 - 05:39 PM IST

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There is a usual tendency for many film related teams to come up with parties to media before the release of their movie. The objective of that is very clear and once the movie becomes a success they wont look back. But here is one person who is changing that trend.
He is none other than star writer Kona Venkat and news is that he is planning to host a cocktail party for the entire media fraternity in Tollywood. This is expected to happen sometime this week and the official invitation is scheduled to arrive anytime soon.

Well, if you are wondering why this party then this is on the eve of the success of Kona Venkat’s recent movie Sankarabharanam. Buzz is that Kona strongly believes media plays a key role in any film’s publicity and promotion so he wants to share his thanks through this party.

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