Annapurna Sunkara In 'Sankarabharanam'

By - December 12, 2015 - 12:17 PM IST

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Some of you may not know who she is but to those who are active on social media, the name Annapurna Sunkara would ring a bell. She became a controversial lady by putting a video in YouTube and slamming senior comedian Ali and few other film personalities. This became a major issue then.

Now, if you have noticed closely, there was a small reference to Annapurna in the recent release Sankarabharanam. In one scene, Krishna Bhagawan who does the role of a director comes for directing the scene involving a hero and heroine. But hero Nikhil keeps saying heroine’s performance is not good.

For that Krishna Bhagawan says “Who are you to tell me?”.  For that, Nikhil says “I am an NRI, be careful with NRIs”. For this, Krishna Bhagawan quips “So what? just because you are an NRI you can say what you want, upload in Youtube and create a scene is it. There must be a proper way for anything.” Some sharp minds stated indirectly it was hinting at Annapurna.

In fact, during that time, when her topic came, Kona Venkat also gave few statements condemning Annapurna Sunkara’s statements.

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