Puri vs Pawan fans - War Worsens!

By - December 13, 2015 - 02:29 PM IST

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Pawan Kalyan has great following in two Telugu states and also has a strong influence especially on youngsters. He is almost enjoying  demigod status in the film industry through his enormous fan following.

However his fans are hitting the headlines for the wrong reason and particularly their behaviour during audio release events. Recently Prabhas got a bitter experience with Pawan fans at Loafer audio release and Puri's comments on Pawan fans in his recent interview have made him Pawan fans' new target in social media.

Puri Jagannadh opined that Pawan has to advise his fans not to trouble other stars at film events. Furious Pawan fans started to troll Puri all across the social media with their posts defending their act. Even RGV faced the same discomfort at the same stage and he retaliated to the whole issue satirically.

Even Nagababu recently lashed out Pawan fans at Chiru's birthday event and in spite of it, the same situation repeated blemishing Pawan's name.

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