Sampath Nandi's Shocking Remuneration?

By - December 14, 2015 - 05:16 PM IST

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You can call yourself a big achiever if you are able to score a hit as a filmmaker during your early attempts. If you continue that with another hit then you are called as super talented but what happens if you end up scoring a hat trick hit? You end up being branded as a star range director.

The latest name to join that club happens to be Sampath Nandi and the best part is, he is just three films old. Reports reveal his latest offering Bengal Tiger is also racing towards a hit and this would mean he is maintaining 100 percent success track. As a result, his remuneration is also entering a new range.

According to reports, with a hat trick success under his belt, Sampath Nandi is now entering into the 10 crores remuneration club. Buzz is that he would be taking this as his fees for his next project. For now, many kerchiefs are falling on Sampath’s head so let us see which one he picks up.

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