Raghu Kunche Faces New Torture

By - December 15, 2015 - 04:09 PM IST

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Once you become a celebrity you must learn to be patient and tolerant while in public. This is because many would want to come and take your autograph, photograph, selfie and what not. You have also seen instances wherein few celebrities snap and that becomes a major controversy.

But the multitalented celebrity Raghu Kunche is experiencing a new kind of torture. Apparently, Raghu has got an amazing eye with the lens so he comes up with really superb pictures. But this talent of his has been causing him some trouble. Well, he is taking up a new avatar due to this.

Wherever Raghu Kunche is going, he is being asked to click a picture by members of the film fraternity and later on, using some color effects, he has to send the final version to the concerned. That way, this music director has been made into a photographer. For now, he is doing all this with a smile on his face.

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