Mega Fans Response on Call Money Scam

By - December 18, 2015 - 12:40 PM IST

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Fan clubs for big heroes are not only known for doing welfare activities but also have the additional responsibility of upholding the reputation of their respective stars. Chranjeevi’s Yuvatha is one such very old fan club which actively conducts blood donation camps, looking after welfare of fans and in constant battle with piracy. Now, the fans association spoke about one serious problem which has been tampering their Mega family heroes in an open letter.

The letter said that if any person who claims to be a Mega family fan and involved in legal cases such as call money,  illegal liquor and sand transport or any such criminal issues, such people are thereby expelled from the club.

The fan club even stressed on the point that it should be ensured that such fans will not misuse the pictures with any Mega family hero which would damage their reputation. Such initiatives by the fan clubs prove time and again that they are not just confined to entertainment and film viewing but also have great deal of responsibility.

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