Innovation With Gopichand Starts New Trend?

By - December 18, 2015 - 06:54 PM IST

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You have seen how many teams tend to use their best creative juices to ensure they come up with interesting and catchy titles for their heroes. And if it is someone like the aggressive star Gopichand then the focus is more. But this time, Gopichand has drifted a bit.

Usually, the titles of his movies end with ‘am’ since they brought a lot of success to him. However, his new movie has been titled as Oxygen and many feel this will start a new trend in the industry if the film works at the box office.  In fact, this title has struck many positively.

The leading ladies happen to be the cutie beauty Rashi Khanna and a new beauty Annu Emmanuel. The filmnagar circles are quipping that now Oxygen has come and very soon few other metallic elements will also be named as titles. This should be an interesting trend.

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