Title Leakages Become Tensions

By - December 19, 2015 - 03:26 PM IST

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While you are preparing the script for a movie and want to go ahead with the shooting, you also work on giving the film a good title. However, this is leading to tensions among the filmmakers. The reason being, the moment they share their thought of a title with someone, it is getting leaked.

This title gets registered by someone else at the film chamber and again the filmmakers have to shell out a premium to get that title. Hence, some of the filmmakers have changed their approach. They are not disclosing about the title till they register it at film chamber.

The titles are being kept a secret even from the cast and crew members. So, just like how domain registration business happens on the internet, the title registration business has been booming in Tollywood so it is better to speak about a title only after you register it.

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