'Killing Veerappan' Tamil Title Issue

By - December 19, 2015 - 03:21 PM IST

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In case some of you are not aware, there is a policy in Kollywood wherein you name your film in Tamil language, you get tax waivers in a big way. This is the reason why almost every movie has got a Tamil title. Now, a discussion is reportedly happening on the new movie Killing Veerappan.

They are planning to come up with a different title for Tamil version and brainstorming is happening now whether to come up with a title in Tamil or not. As such, dubbing flicks don’t have that rule but local entities say a Tamil title should come.

As for the director Ram Gopal Varma, sources say he wants to go with the same title. Apparently, in Bangalore also some issue happened since the word ‘Killing’ was mentioned in English but it got sorted. Well, the language fanatics are high in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu so let us see what happens.

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