Aamir Khan meets his Special Fan

By - December 23, 2015 - 11:34 AM IST

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A hero can get more admirers and fans not just for his on screen antics but also for the deeds he does off the screen. The humanitarian angle displayed by any hero is always welcome with warm appreciation. While Tollywood witnessed many heroes this year going in this path by meeting their fans who are in fatal condition, it is time for Bollywood’s talented hero Aamir Khan to do the same!

Aamir Khan met his 14yr old fan named Nihal who has been suffering with Progeria. The actor spent some quality time with Nihal and they exchanged some gifts as well. Aamir gifted some video game DVDs to Nihal and the young fan presented the actor with a drawing of Lord Ganesh done by himself.

Aamir Khan happened to see about Nihal in the exclusive photo feature Humans of Bombay’s Facebook page and also learnt that he was a huge fan. The considerate actor realized that Nihal wants to meet him and immediately responded through Facebook.

It is indeed a great thing to do by Aamir Khan for helping out a fan in distress.

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