Actor While Alive- Poet After Death

By - December 23, 2015 - 11:39 AM IST

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There are those interesting and unusual moments in life when you tend to discover the true potential of a person only after he/she is dead. The latest name to join that celebrity league is none other than veteran actor Ranganath. So far, he was always known as a versatile actor.

But post his demise, a lot of poems are circulating across different media platforms citing they are Ranganath’s poems. That way, when he was alive they were thinking Ranganath is only an actor but now they are seeing a poet in him and are amazed at his prowess in penning poems.

As such, Ranganath has got his share of fans so it would help them if they can get to read his poetic works. If his works really come into limelight then it would be an interesting trend to notice because Ranganath was always known just as an actor and now his hidden talent has come out.

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