Star Music Director's 1st Big Hit

By - December 25, 2015 - 12:39 PM IST

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There must be those among you who have sound knowledge of music and immense talent to compose the tunes. However, unless you prove your mettle with some chartbusters your strength will not be recognized. And only after you score proper hits you get into the star music director range.

The latest member to join that club is Sunil Kashyap. Though he has composed tunes for several movies, he has recently composed tunes for the movie Loafer. Since he has done for big star movie he attained this status. As such songs have got mixed reactions but Sunil’s stardom is cemented.

While that may be so, it is also heard that he has rocked with his tunes in the new movie Oka Manasu featuring Niharika Konidela, daughter of mega brother Nagababu. Buzz is that Sunil has also composed Sufi style songs and the cine circles say this is going to create a totally new brand for Sunil Kashyap.

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