First CFF Of Tollywood Happened In 2015

By - December 29, 2015 - 05:31 PM IST

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Tollywood may well be popular for coming up with routine template entertainers but with each passing day, the situation is changing. A new wave of filmmakers are entering the industry who are keen to attempt something different than just the usual stuff.

In that process, noted film critic Mahesh Kathi came up with an project. It is none other than Pesarattu which came in 2015 and the reason it is creating a mark is, this is the first crowd funded film in Tollywood. Despite its failure as a film, it is heard that this format has resulted in 3 crowd-funded projects in Telugu.

The feeling is that even if two among the three would work out, it is going to open up new avenues for crowd funded movies. For now, it is all about the confidence at the box office and Pesarattu must be hailed for breaking the regular stuff and doing something different.

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