Shourya scared to hold a woman's hand then did a liplock now: Director Ramesh Varma

By - December 29, 2015 - 04:56 PM IST

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Ramesh Varma is one funky director who chooses peculiar scripts for his films. After a long hiatus after a commercial entertainer like Veera, this director is all set to entertain the audience this New Year with a feel good love story Abbayitho Ammayi starring Naga Shourya. Here is an iQlik exclusive chitchat with the filmmaker:

Hello Ramesh..

What is Abbayitho Ammayi all about?
Two people get to know each other through Social Media and after becoming good friends, they turn lovers. The film is all about the good happenings because of so called notorious Social Media.

The film has already delayed a lot?
I wanted to do a love story after Ride. I also planned to acquire the rights of action flick Race and do it in Telugu with Gopichand and Ravi Teja but the project did not materialize. And Veera script was written for Balakrishna but since Ravi Teja was interested, we did it then. In the mean time I wrote a script but again I was taken aback to see Gunde Jaari Gallanthayindhe with a similar line. So I dropped it and thought of a different point. Even for Naga Shourya, I thought of another script but llaiyaraaja sir said this is a better one hence opted for it! Basically I'm quite lazy. I take too much time to think and give it a script form. This film was supposed to come as Naga Shourya’s debut but got delayed.

You didn’t think of taking an action on the makers of Gunde Jaari Gallanthayindhe?
No. I didn’t register the script by then. It is not surprising to see two directors get a same idea. I don’t mind to accept similarities between different filmmakers.

Your working experience with hero Naga Shourya?
He was so scared to just hold the woman’s hand before but now he could do a liplock scene! He has matured a lot as an actor and can do any scene in just one take. Naga Shourya is a transformed actor now!

The promotions and posters are targeted towards youth. Don’t you think you would lose family audience as market?
Love stories are enjoyed and appreciated by family audience as well. In fact, Abbayitho Ammayi is a family movie not just targeted for college going youth.

How was it working with Maestro Ilaiyaraaja?
We are quite close and I am a huge fan of his music. We keep on discussing a lot about many things. He was the one who gave me confidence on this film.

Why was Abbayitho Ammayi  trimmed?
Yes I wanted to ensure that the film is crisp and cut it down from 2hr 45mins to 2hr 26 mins. I am quite confident about its success and the buyers are happy as well. The Tamil rights of the film are also sold now.

Upcoming projects?
I will be doing a film Idedho Bagundhe Cheli (formerly titled as Vasta Nee Venuka). I want to rope in a big hero for this film and will announce about it shortly.

How was it working with producer for Abbayitho Ammayi?
The budget doubled compared to the initial estimate but thanks to his co-operation we could finish the film in schedule. I am greatly indebted to him.

Do you feel it is a risk to compete with other releases on New Year’s day?
I am highly confident on my film. The buyers got it even without watching it with re-recording. I am sure the audience will enjoy it.

Okay..thanks and wish you the best for the film’s success!
Thanks a lot!

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