Animal Welfare Issue For 'Killing Veerappan'

By - December 31, 2015 - 11:01 AM IST

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Just when we are getting ready to welcome the New Year with a promising movie in the form of Killing Veerappan another update has arrived. Apparently, one certificate is required from animal welfare board citing no animals were hurt or injured during the making of this film.

But owing to the floods in Chennai, the certificate could not be taken. Usually, one affidavit is given by the producers and the certificate is taken at a later stage. But since producers could not do it in time, there was a talk that the film is going to be postponed again.

This is because some multiplexes have rule that without animal welfare certificate, the movie cannot be released. But inside news has revealed mostly the certificate will come and the film will release as planned. Currently, the multiplexes is the focus for this movie.

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