Sachiin On Biggest Biopic With RGV

By - January 05, 2016 - 01:19 PM IST

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Among the many genres of movies that you watch, there is a special attention and curiosity that revolves around biopics. And if a celebrated filmmaker is coming up with a biopic then the total buzz and interest levels increase. Something like that is being brewed in Bollywood right now.

Reports reveal the Gutkha Baron Sachiin Joshi is all set to work on a biopic with the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma. Sachiin has been a hero cum producer and he has his own share of credits in the industry. Now, he wants to make a very big biopic through RGV.

However, it is not sure on who the biopic will be on. News from Sachiin’s camp is that it is going to be a very expensive project and it would be made only for the Bollywood canvas. This would mean the biopic’s protagonist would be a national idol. Let us wait for the official news then.

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