Beep Case: New Blow to Simbu

By - January 08, 2016 - 03:11 PM IST

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The controversial Beep song has made life uneasy for Tamil star Simbu aka STR. After he recently got an interim bail in the case, hero Simbu gets a new blow in this controversial beep case.
Going into the detail, Simbu filed a plea petition in Madras High court requesting to prevent further cases against him with regard to ‘Beep song’ at various courts across Tamil Nadu. He mentioned in his petition that two FIRs were already registered on him in Chennai and Coimbatore Police Stations. However after the corresponding hearings, Madras High Court Judge R Subbaiah dismissed this petition and also ordered Simbu’s lawyer Muthukumaraswamy to withdraw their petition.
Well Simbu is truly facing a tough time in life. We have to wait and see what time has in store for STR.

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