Tollywood Couple On Social Cause Birthdays

By - January 08, 2016 - 02:01 PM IST

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Whenever your birthday comes, most of you would like to spend it with your family and friends. There must also be those among you who would want to do something different on your special day. In the film industry, most of the members prefer doing something noble that day.

In that process, Tollywood has got one couple. They are the number one PRO B A Raju and his wife, the noted director B Jaya. Apparently, B A Raju’s birthday is on January 7th while January 11th is the birthday of B Jaya. The couple always does something social on these two days.

They keep doing charity acts on their birthday every year and though there is just three days gap they do it individually. Those who know the couple personally say both B A Raju and B Jaya are constantly upto some social cause and they truly set an example for doing good deeds.

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