RGV's Next Film Budget Rs 60 Cr

By - January 08, 2016 - 06:03 PM IST

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These days, all it takes is one flop for you to go down the race as a filmmaker. It takes a real long time to get your next opportunity. Despite such tough conditions, one man keeps making movies just like a factory. He is none other than the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma.

But in the recent past, the budgets of RGV’s projects have been quite nominal. However, this time, he seems to be taking a big leap by coming up with a project that would cost a whopping 60 crores. Reports say this is going to be a biopic and Sachiin Joshi is producing it.

It is also heard that the biopic would be made in Hindi and English and this is going to be shaped up like an international film. This is going to have Hollywood technicians and only the making cost would be 60 crores. What remains to be seen is, on whose life will the movie be made. Meanwhile, some are astonished as to how RGV got such a big budget project. That’s his specialty.

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