Chiru's Daughter Belly Dance Secret

By - January 10, 2016 - 01:10 PM IST

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Chiranjeevi is a matinee idol and a popular film celebrity but his younger daughter Srija hit the headlines with her controversial marriage episode.

Unfortunately Srija ended up with a divorce and later went to London to complete her Masters. After a long hiatus, Srija is back in the news for her new decision. According to latest grapevine, Srija has enrolled in a Belly dance course mentored by India’s Got Talent lead Choreographer Mehar Malik.

Now besides her special interest in Belly dance, enrolling at a premier institute has gained all the attention thereby giving rise to speculations that Srija is preparing for an onscreen debut.

Well we have to wait and see whether her new dance course has a secret plan or not.

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