Nannaku Prematho Apology to Muslim Community

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It is already reported that State Minorities Commission has issued a show cause notice to Nannaku Prematho movie team demanding a reply for the allegedly objectionable posters of Nannaku Prematho posters has Prophet Mohammed and Quran Symbols.

As per latest reports, Nannaku Prematho movie team reacted to the notices and offered an unconditional apology to the concerned community. They also released a statement of apology and asked apology from the particular members who got hurt with the poster.

They reasoned that they are not against any community or religious sentiments of any religion. They also added that this mistake happened without their knowledge and also assured that they would changed the background of the posters with immediate effect.

Well with this apology note, Nannaku Prematho team puts a full stop to the entire issue. Wishing them good luck with their release.

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