Killing Veerappan 10 Days Collections

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Nowadays, getting big numbers at the box office has become a real tough game and it is only those movies which have the right kind of content and entertainment quotient that are able to achieve it. In that situation, one movie has clocked a whopping 20 crores collection in just 10 days of release.

We are talking about the movie Killing Veerappan marking the debut of the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma in Kannada. Reports reveal the film has grossed 20 crores which means the producer’s share is Rs. 14 Crores. It is also heard that in Telugu, the share has touched a sizeable 2.5 Crores.

Meanwhile, the satellite price for the movie in Kannada has gone for 3 crores and there are reports that the Telugu satellite rights will fetch a cool 1 crore. Summing them all, the film’s overall collection is touching 20 crores plus approximately. This is indeed a very good number for this bilingual.

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