Dark Horse's Hopes On Two Films

By - January 12, 2016 - 05:44 PM IST

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No matter which field it may be, there is always that one dark horse who emerges as the unexpected surprise winner. The film industry is no different and it is said that the muscular stud Vishal is called the dark horse in Kollywood. He comes up with movies and suddenly springs a big hit.

This time, the dark horse has gunned his target towards Tollywood. Though he is Telugu, Vishal is settled in Chennai but his heart’s desire has been to make his mark in Telugu cinema. So, he has pinned his hopes on two movies which are gearing up to hit the theatres very soon.

First in the list is Kathakali and the second one is NTR. Of course, both are dubbed versions of his movies in Tamil but sources say Vishal is confident the flavor and nativity of the movie will appease the Tollywood audience. Let us wait for the film’s release and that would answer all the questions.

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