Government Earns Rs 900 Cr On Theaters

By - January 13, 2016 - 02:28 PM IST

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We might be fretting over the fact that the business of cinema is extremely tough and on an average, 1 out of 10 movies actually become a success at the box office. But the passion for cinema never dies and people are willing to pay anything to ensure they make their movies.

In this process, many departments get benefited and one such entity is the central government. Apparently, the entertainment tax goes to central government and the respective state government doesn’t get anything. In this process, the government is getting approximately 900 crores per annum which is a huge sum.

It doesn’t stop there. The entertainment industry comprises of different verticals and one among them is the TV ads. So, each activity is taxable and that way, the government is earning close to 7000 crores per year, as per one report. If this be true then the government should come up with some good plans to ensure the cine circuit is boosted further.

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