Nannaku Prematho Movie Review & Ratings

By - January 13, 2016 - 11:41 AM IST

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Cast: Jr NTR, Rakul Preet, Rajendra Prasad, Jagapathi Babu, Sithara, Srinivas Avasarala, Rajiv Kanakala, Vennela Kishore, Thaguboothu Ramesh, Naveen Neni, Madhoobala, Liza van der Smissen
Banner: Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Cinematographer: Vijay C Chakravarthy
Editor: Navin Nooli
Distributor: Reliance Entertainments
Producer: BVSN Prasad
Writer-Director: Sukumar.

Emotion mixed with Science blended with Logic - a Poor Cocktail!


Ramesh Chandra Prasad alias Subramaniam (Rajendra Prasad), a father of 3 sons falls sick and thrives for revenge on Krishna Murthy (Jagapathi Babu), one of the biggest business tycoon in the UK. While his two sons ignore his last wish, Abhi (Jr NTR), the younger son of Prasad wants to fulfil the last wish of his father. What did Krishna Murthy do to Abhi's family and how intelligently did Abhi avenge forms the rest of the story.


Jr NTR: Unlike the routine, you will find a rather smarter and subtler version of Tarak in this film. Sukumar tapped the emotional side of this impeccable actor and he delivers it right. He is a silent killer and here's a friendly tip - Don't expect some high voltage stuff from him.

Rakul Preet: She is as usually gorgeous but if we have to mention something special about her in the film - its her flawless dubbing. She did her best in her limited territory.

Jagapathi Babu: This man keeps amazing us with each and every film and this film is no exception. After a loud performance in Legend, meet Mr. Krishnamurthy - the smart, shrewd (high on the cunning quotient) businessman, otherwise con man. Jagapathi Babu fits the bill like none and he is a feast to the eyes.

Rajendra Prasad: This exceptional actor is seen in a brief yet key role in the film that sets the emotion of the film.

The rest of the cast including Rajeev Kanakala, Madhubala, Josh Naveen, Thagubothu Ramesh and others did a decent job.


How do you express your love towards your loved ones?

"I Love You" - Simple yet Beautiful

In other words, "Scientifically I'm experiencing a Dopamine Effect and now want you to feel the same effect -  Oh forgot to tell..use Butterfly Effect"

How does this sound? This is Nannaku Prematho..

Through actions or words or sometimes both. "I Love You" are three magical words we would love to hear anytime. Emotion is something everyone connects irrespective of language and intellectual quotient.

With due respects to the brainy Sukumar, we have to say the smart director has somehow attempted an emotional revenge drama with high on logic, psychology and reasoning.

The film that starts on a revenge note and before we could feel that emotion, it slips down into a love story that runs more on psychoanalysis. Though the scenes are innovative, the butterfly effect outshines the love emotion that is supposed to give butterflies in stomach. On the flipside, keeping the love story aside, the revenge drama between Tarak and Jagapathi Babu slowly starts to impress you especially bowls you down in the second half.

The love story is entrapped in the revenge saga with few occasional highs here and there. Except for the pre-interval episode, few songs and the last 20mins of the film, the film is somehow overshadowed by logic and reasoning and lacks the emotional intensity that can give a heart warming experience to the audience. We have arresting performances, engaging screenplay with few highs but unfortunately that doesn't make a tale worth your time forget about satisfying the conventional fans.

Well all thanks to Sukumar who taught us that butterfly effect can be visually explained through a two and half hour drama.

Performances of Jr NTR and Jagapathi Babu.
Innovative Presentation.
Scenes between NTR, JB & Rakul.
Top-notch Cinematography.
DSP's Music & background score.

Logic & Psychological reasoning takes over Emotional narration.
Lack of conventional commercial entertainment might disappoint the masses.

Nonetheless to say the songs are chartbusters but they are indeed shot well. And the background score is in fact the heart of the film especially in few key scenes of the second half. DSP does magic!

The locales all through the film are great and the overall production values are opulent.

Nannaku Prematho is an emotional story attempted as a brain teasing revenge drama - a Sukumar mark film high on logic and science but low on conventional commercial entertainment. Now the choice is Yours! (Nannaku Prematho Style)

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