Jr NTR Fans Hurled Stones on Theater

By - January 13, 2016 - 11:27 AM IST

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As the festival season approaches, many big films are lined up for an anticipated release. The first in the line is Jr NTR- Sukumar’s family drama Nannaku Prematho. This film is supposedly the 25th feature film for Jr NTR and naturally fans are going haywire all over to catch a glimpse of their favourite star on festival season.
Meanwhile, Vijayawada is called as the filmy capital of AP as a film’s commercial success depends on the collections which happen here. Nandamuri family has a tremendous fan base in this city and the fans can get quite unforgiving if any mishap happens during the release. The fans came to know that the management of Raj- Yuvaraj theatres were selling the tickets in black and turned quite violent.
Angry Jr NTR fans hurled stones on the theatre and broke the glasses to show their contempt and they also reported that the management closed ticket selling even before the hall was sold out. The situation looks to be under control as of now but the fans are still anxious to watch the film today at any cost.

Some fans went even got coconuts and milk to perform abhishekam for Jr NTR’s poster and celebrate!

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