Who Is NTR?

By - January 18, 2016 - 10:46 AM IST

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To all those of you who know about Telugu cinema and Tollywood, the fundamental remains that the three letters NTR refers to the great N T Rama Rao. He was the doyen of Telugu cinema who brought pride to Tollywood and a special identity to the Telugus in the north.

However, it appears that his legacy doesn’t seem to hold that strong presence on the web world. The reason for that happens to be his grandson with the same name. He is none other than the young tiger Junior NTR. When you do google search typing NTR you will find only Junior NTR’s pictures.

And unless you type something like senior NTR, the old legend’s pictures don’t come. While few old time Nandamuri fans are disappointed it is also about the google pattern wherein the person searched most tends to come in the top list. So, Junior NTR has taken over the web world.

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