Rashi On Slimmer Look

By - January 19, 2016 - 05:20 PM IST

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Though a lot of interchange keeps happening between Bollywood and Tollywood on various aspects, some things don’t change. One among them is the glamour requirement from the heroines. While Bollywood wants its starlets to be slim and slender, Tollywood wants them to have flesh at the right places.

This is the reason why we have seen the likes of Sridevi, Radha, Rambha, Anushka getting huge demand. Among the current ladies, the cutie beauty Rashi Khanna has got crazy following. But now, there are reports that Rashi wants to reduce her weight further and look slimmer.

Those who heard this are not very happy with the news. They say that it is Rashi’s buxom appeal and voluptuousness that makes her look so delicious and attractive. They add that that voluptuous look only is good for Rashi. Well, it appears that if she slims, it may not help Rashi much in attracting the crowds.

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