Mother Sentiment For Father's Movie

By - January 19, 2016 - 05:34 PM IST

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You are well aware that Tollywood is ruled by sentiments and so does their films. But the strongest among them is the mother sentiment and you have seen how hundreds of movies have worked based on this sentiment alone. But this time, the mother sentiment is working for a father’s movie.

We are talking about the film Nannaku Prematho featuring young tiger Junior NTR. Recently, Junior was sharing his thoughts when he reportedly revealed that his mother Shalini spoke for the first time about his movie and its heroine Rakul Preet Singh though he has done 25 movies.

He reportedly added that his mom was quite happy watching the movie. Usually, heroes talking about their mom’s feelings are quite rare but Junior minced no words in expressing this openly. Well, Nannaku Prematho was all about father sentiment but this emotion from a mother is truly touching.

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