Secret Lives Of Celebrity Wives

By - January 20, 2016 - 05:31 PM IST

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The entertainment industry is one big crystal maze and you look at it from a distance and fancy that glitz and glamour. But to those who are inside it, they are familiar with the dark underbelly that runs in it. There are many aspects to it and one among them is the lives of the celebrity wives.

Now, one filmmaker has decided to bring that out on the silver screen. He is none other than Madhur Bhandarkar and it is heard that he has named the movie as Bollywood Wives. This is an apt title because Bollywood is huge and there are many things that happen which not many are aware of.

As it is, Madhur is popular for coming up with movies that explore the dark and intriguing side of the entertainment and fashion industry. Buzz is that a noted heroine is going to be part of this movie and it remains to be seen whether the real life Bollywood celebrity wives would be comfortable about this film to be made.

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