Akshay Kumar/Rajnikanth to become Dictator?

By - January 21, 2016 - 07:06 PM IST

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Dictator movie came out as a festive feast for Nandamuri fans. The film has impressed the masses and the steady collections are slowly pushing Dictator into profit zone at box office.
Director Sriwaas, the man behind Dictator is planning to take the film to Kollywood and if everything goes well to Bollywood as well. In a recent interview, director Sriwaas confirmed reports about his plans to screen Dictator movie to Superstars Akshay Kumar & Rajnikanth also. While he is trying to have a special screening for Akshay Kumar via Eros International production house which distributed Dictator, he is approaching Superstar Rajnikanth through close sources.
Well the confident director is in big plans to take his project higher and higher. Good Luck Sriwaas!

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