Balayya opens up on Palnati Train Scene

By - January 23, 2016 - 03:43 PM IST

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Legendary Actor Balakrishna is known for larger than life image on screen and his hardcore fans love him for his action and power pack dialogues.
Interestingly Balakrishna made some interesting comments on a famous scene in his Palnati Brahmanaidu (2003) movie. The scene where in Bhavani Prasad (Balakrishna) sends a train (with villains) back with a simple gesture bagged a lot of criticism at that time. Even today this scene is considered to be one of the funniest scenes ever in Telugu films. In a way, a senior hero and exceptional actor like Balakrishna was a laughing stock due to the scene.
However, Balakrishna opened up about that scene in a recent interview to a popular regional channel. Talking about the scene, Balakrishna said even he wondered many-a-time how he accepted to do that scene and film. He also added that he too laughed out of embarrassment when he found that the scene has been a laughing stock in the web world.
Well, his frankness in confessing his mistakes without actually blaming his director earned more respect upon him. That is why, fans still love him!

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