This Will Remove Burden From Heroes

By - January 23, 2016 - 04:09 PM IST

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The essence of almost every cinema that is made always revolves around the heroes. Of course, it is true that the stars are the main crowd pullers to the theatres but some film intellectuals are suggesting something else. They are certain this would relieve a lot of burden from the heroes.

Apparently, the pressure to perform and score success is always there on the heroes. Hence, the intellectuals suggest a fair share of screen space must be given to high caliber character actors and villains. This would ensure the film’s momentum goes into a new range and elevates the power of the hero because he would win at the end anyhow.

Tollywood has got a strong set of actors who can deliver to the hilt if given the right opportunity and screen time. Notable among them are Rao Ramesh, Mukesh Rishi, Nasser, Murali Sharma, Ashutosh Rana and others. To quote an instance, all would remember how Mukesh Rishi delivered the maximum punch from Aamir Khan with just one powerful scene in the Bollywood movie Sarfarosh.

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