Abhishek Picture's 'London Life' In Discussion

By - January 30, 2016 - 04:31 PM IST

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Till recently, if you were asked to name the king of distribution and theatres in the Telangana region, you would say it is Dil Raju. For a long time, he has enjoyed a monopoly of sorts. But lately, Dil Raju has been facing a tough competition from a new entrant.

This is known as Abhishek Pictures and they are competing stiffly with Dil Raju in all aspects and getting past him. Now, they have taken one more step and have produced a film. This is titled as London Life and the prominent film buff cum art connoisseur Kaali Sudheer is supporting the movie.

Naveen Medaram is the director and they are making this as an English movie just like Hyderabad Blues. As the title indicates, reports say a key part of the movie would be canned in London as well and already some of the posters have caught the attention of the youth audience.

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