G Venkat Ram- The God Of Goddesses

By - February 01, 2016 - 01:50 PM IST

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Though the film industry is considered to be a male dominated bastion, the fact remains that even the actresses and starlets have got a massive following. In fact, there are many who wish to watch a movie because of a particular heroine. That way, the starlets have become the celluloid goddesses.

And many of them also become the fantasy queens of the regular men. So, it is imperative that the actresses look beautiful and hot at all times. Given that, a large part of credit goes to the photographers who come up with the photoshoots of different girls. And one man is making his mark in a strong way.

His name is G Venkat Ram and he happens to be the God of Goddesses because he is the one many heroines approach for a photoshoot. Based on their complexion, features and vital stats, Venkat excels in coming up with a nice catalogue of their pictures which makes these girls become the goddesses. So, hail the man behind such beauties.

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