Pawan is Top Newsmaker Yesterday!

By - February 02, 2016 - 10:01 AM IST

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It would be a surprise if the individualistic and unique Mega hero Pawan Kalyan doesn’t make it to the news whenever there is a serious issue happening around. This actor turned politician has been balancing both the careers with poise and also showcased a great deal of social responsibility by questioning whenever a shocking incident happened.

Pawan Kalyan was currently filming for his upcoming film Sardaar Gabbar Singh in Kerala and when he came to know about the train burning incident in Tuni, the actor cancelled his shooting schedule and rushed to AP. He conducted a press meet and expressed that there is a way to showcase an opinion in democratic country and violence is definitely not one of them.

While this topped the news straight up yesterday which mostly bagged criticism for Pawan's diplomatic comments, Pawan’s ex-wife Renu Desai posted a picture of his handwriting in her Twitter handle which became viral in the net. She said that Pawan is an avid reader of books and wants to make the same habit a regular happening for his son Akira Nandan as well. As Akira is away from Telugu land, Pawan derived a method to keep him in touch with the language by sending poems from Sumathi shatakam with both English and Telugu scripts- Sweet isn't it?

Well good or bad, the Powerstar hits the headlines for two contrasting elements on the same day!

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