Bad Omen For That Title

By - February 03, 2016 - 11:30 AM IST

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You know well that more than talent or hardwork, the entertainment industry is ruled predominantly by sentiments. There is a valid reason behind that. The sentiments that the film folks follow tend to yield the expected results. Now, the same sentiment is being applied to one film title.

We are talking about the film title Kaththi and some of them are saying it is a bad omen. Apparently, when Nandamuri Kalyanram announced it, the grandeur director Gunasekhar created issue citing it is his title. Though Kalyanram managed to wriggle out of it, the film flunked.

Now, megastar Chiranjeevi is doing the remake of the Tamil hit Kaththi and and issue has begun. One writer has claimed it is his story and has filed a petition with the cine members forum. It remains to be seen how the makers of Chiru’s film will deal with the issue and emerge successful.

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