Tall Heroes- Short Heriones!

By - February 08, 2016 - 12:12 PM IST

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While glamour is one major factor for an actress to shine in film industry, height is also another important factor! If an actress is too tall, she wouldn’t be a choice for many young heroes as nobody would choose to act with a taller heroine. In the same way, an actress who is too short may not be suitable opposite an extremely tall hero!

But there are wonderful examples in Indian Cinema where certain actresses such as Jaya Badhuri, Revathi and the recent sensational actress Nitya Menen who overcame this height factor and enthralled us with their performances and antics. Not only that, they even shared remarkable chemistry with comparatively taller co-stars!

Another actress who is facing the same trouble but taking it with a pinch of salt is none other than the dusky beauty Sri Divya. This actress bagged the golden chance in Tamil flick Bangalore Naatkal to reprise the role of Nazriya Nazim in Malayalam blockbuster Bangalore Days.

Sri Divya is paired opposite the handsome hunk Rana who is over six feet tall and the actress remembers that she had lot of trouble because the hero’s height! She even said that many adjustments were made for every shot they were together and jokingly remarks that Rana’s height was a biggest problem for her during the shooting!

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