Sardaar's Shocking Clause to Buyers?

By - February 08, 2016 - 12:02 PM IST

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A Powerstar Pawan Kalyan’s film not only means a festival for his fans but also in the business front with more buyers coming forward to get hold of the opportunity. The hero’s upcoming release Sardaar Gabbar Singh has been progressing in a brisk pace and touted to be a Summer release for the delight of the audience.

In Tollywood, many big films line up for summer season as it is the target time for family audience. Sardaar Gabbar Singh will also be releasing on April 8th and many buyers are coming forth to fetch rights for this project at any cost. In order to manage this huge demand, the makers of this film kept a “no refund” clause.

This clause was never heard of till date for any big budget film and as a result the buyers are in a big dilemma. Some buyers are also feeling that the producers of this flick are much overconfident about the output while some are saying it is just a marketing strategy.

The biggest speculation says that Eros International took the rights of this film for 80 crore and in order to be in the safe game, such clause has emerged.

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