Pawan on Tamil- Kannada On Pawan

By - February 08, 2016 - 05:39 PM IST

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The business of cinema is currently running on a chain system of sorts because whenever a film becomes a hit, it is immediately bought either for a remake or a dub in the other languages. Lately some of the big stars are also choosing the same path to protect their image.

In that aspect, the inclusion of power star Pawan Kalyan has also happened. It is being noticed that Pawan is showing interest in doing remakes, especially those from Tamil. His next project after Sardaar Gabbar Singh would be the remake of the Tamil hit Vedhalam.

The original had ultimate star Ajith in the lead. While Pawan is busy doing Tamil remakes, his films are getting remade into another language. We are talking about the Sandalwood circuit and in the last few years, it is being observed that Kannada industry is doing remakes of many Pawan Kalyan films. Interesting indeed!

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