RGV Sensational comments on PK & PK fans

By - February 08, 2016 - 01:23 PM IST

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Claiming to be the biggest fan of Pawan Kalyan, Ram Gopal Varma always made sharp and acute tweets on his activities.
In the wake of the Tuni violence, RGV once again made sensational comments on Pawan Kalyan and his fans. He remarked Pawan’s speech in his recent press meet (on Tuni Violence) as the most “clarity less” speech till date and also urged his fans not to support Pawan on this issue.
Here are his tweets-
Ippude P K thuni kaapu problem press meet choosanu..thanicchina speech thana kanna ardhamaindha ani naa doubt?

Thuni problem speech,Pk press meet kosthunnappudu carlo thana pakkanunna vaadi cheppudu maataltho influence ayyi icchina speech Kammala manasthathwamunna Kaapula kanna swachchamaina kammala manasunna kaapulu bahu melu ..vishwadhabirama vinura vema

On top this, RGV also suggested Pawan to watch his Jana Sena party launch speech on repeat mode to understand what he is before -
“P k should see his jana sena launch speech on repeat mode to understand what he is before screwing it up worse than his brother”

My request to all PK fans is that since u all know in ur heart what the truth is u should tell him with as much honesty as how I am telling

Truth is,there are kammas in kaapus nd there are kaapus in kammas just like there's kalyan in Chiranjeevi nd there's Chiranjeevi in Kalyan
Though PK never reacted to RGV’s comments, PK fans earlier went to extremes protesting his controversial comments. We have to wait and see Pawan & PK fans’ reaction on these hot tweets now.

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