Heroines Behind Shravya Varma

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You would have heard about directors, producers going behind heroes and heroines for their dates or storywriters going behind producers to give that one break. But have you hear about heroines going behind another girl instead of the directors, heroes or producers?

Well, this is happening right now in Tollywood with reports that many noted heroines are behind one girl named Shravya Varma. To those who do not know about her, Shravya is a fashion designer in Tollywood and she keeps designing outfits for some noted starlets.

Her client list also includes the lovely beauty Lavanya Tripathi and the petite beauty Trisha. Shravya also owns a boutique in the famous Banjara Hills area and the final touch is, she happens to be the niece of the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma. For now, she is hot property among heroines.

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