Samantha Is Very Conscious About Her

By - February 10, 2016 - 09:48 AM IST

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After becoming a hero or heroine, it becomes very important to protect your image and that depends on the kind of rapport you have with the media fraternity. While that is one side, there are those starlets who are extremely conscious about their image.

One such person is the cute smile queen Samantha. According to sources from filmnagar, it is heard that Samantha is very sensitive when it comes to articles and gossips written on her. If there is any negative tinge in the news item she immediately gets into action.

If it is something she has not done or not involved in, she is prompt to deny about it. Buzz is that Samantha calls the media head or she conveys the message through her manager. Some seniors suggest she must learn to shrug few things off without giving too much importance.

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