Director's Respect For His Favorite Heroines

By - February 11, 2016 - 05:49 PM IST

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As you keep growing watching different films, there will be those set of heroines who start becoming your favorites and you will remember them till your last breath. But here is one man who is showing his own form of admiration towards his favorite heroines in a special way.

We are talking about the writer/director Koratala Siva and during his growing years, he used to watch films and had his own list of favorite heroines. Today Koratala has become a star director and he is now coming up with a gesture that is making him double happy.

Well, he is locating and calling all those favorite heroines of his and giving them roles as aunty and mother in his movies. He did that with Nadhiya for Mirchi and then he brought in Sukanya for Sreemanthudu. Now, he is getting Devayani for his next Janatha Garage. All in all, these ladies are getting blessings from their fan in a profitable way.

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