Sunil's Unfortunate Leg Operation Effect

By - February 13, 2016 - 12:33 PM IST

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The talented comedian turned hero Sunil has had lot of obstacles and challenges during this inspirational journey. He overcame the fitness obstacle by remarkably transforming his physical appearance and even sporting a six pack for his film Poola Rangadu in the past. Here is a shocking update that proved Sunil's determination and hardwork.

Sources say that Sunil underwent a vital leg surgery before the shooting of Krishashtami. The problem persisted even after the surgery which led the actor to be restricted with respect to his dances for which he is so famous for. Sunil had to shoot and even dance despite the operated leg and that is why, he had to pertain to simple dance moves without the usual heavy sequences. Already Krishashtami’s trailer had no big promising elements and on top of it, this update might upset Sunil fans.

But Sunil expressed his happiness over the way he was shown in this flick and thanked cinematographer Chota K Naidu for it. 
We will have to wait till Feb 19 to see if this operation effect has a significant role in determining the fate of Krishnashtami!

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